What Is Alcohol Licence Advisor?

Alcohol License Advice Victoria

Because of the superior level of individualised care, professionalism, and attention to detail that we provide to every customer, Alcohol License Advice Victoria has developed a reputation for honesty and success throughout the business. Our innovation and smart problem-solving abilities enable us to solve complicated liquor licencing issues, which finally lead to profitable transactions. Our clients count on being the project’s primary driver from the beginning to the finish.

We can be successful where ever you want us because of the lengthy connections we have made with a worldwide network of business licencing executives, liquor licence Melbourne attorneys, tenants, bankers, and operators of restaurants and liquor stores over the course of much more than twenty years.

We’ve improved our procedure to make liquor licencing simpler for you so you can focus on what matters most to you. We frequently impart our vast knowledge to lawyers who may not be acquainted with the specific details of liquor licencing, assist franchise programmers in obtaining licences that coincide with their schedules and rental commitments, and provide market factors to company restaurant owners even before they start construction. Alcohol License advice in Victoria can help you find the outcomes you want if you are purchasing, trading, or simply need to know more about licencing. They pride themselves on their ability to use innovative solutions when required, hold agreements apart, and retain composure even during the most difficult transactions.

How to get liquor licence in Melbourne?

You are prepared to complete the application if you are aware of the local and state rules as well as the kinds of licences your bar or restaurant needs.

Contact your neighbourhood ABC office to obtain the necessary documents, fill them up, and return them in possible to qualify for a liquor licence. You may need to apply for a license to both the state plus your municipality or district in some states. Do as soon as you can because review periods sometimes go longer than a month. You could be asked to submit the following message with your application in additional to your individual background knowledge: You might not be able to get a licence from your municipal authorities if the local limit for liquor licences has been reached. 

Although you are covered by the liquor licence for alcoholic beverages, you are not covered for meals. You will require a licence from your city’s health department if you want to prepare meals in your bar. This permit is repeatedly alluded to as a “sanitary permit” or a “permit for restaurant work.”


Try visiting your government’s and/or local town’s state health department, complete the necessary application information, and send it for approval to request this licence. You may require a local and federal license to function in various state.